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Saturday, April 7, 2012

You really do need them both...

Life size Robby the Robot of Forbidden Planet and B9 Robot from Lost in Space

The Lost in Space B9 Robot was built by me as a hobby about 7 years ago. A few years later I acquired this Fred Barton Robby to keep B9 company. I also made a few fun modifications to him to motorize and computerize some of his systems as well as synchronize his audio and blue neon to work with the B9 robot. These Robots also come with a retro black and white TV and an older ipod that stream video of the robots to the TV and the robots in sync. See the embedded video below. 

These Robots are in good condition although there are minor scratches or blemishes on them. Buyer is responsible shipping and securing a method of shipment. I recently sold my life size R2D2 and C3PO with the same shipping stipulations but I assisted the buyer in lining up a local shipping company to crate them and ship them. The buyer was very happy with the shipping service.


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