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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Warriors Vest Original Movie Wardrobe Prop


Bought at a Profiles in History Hollywood auction in December 2010, this vest can be traced back all the way to the wardrobe company who created them for the production of the film. Comes with a certificate (coa) from the auction house proving it was acquired by me, from them, and that the provenence for this item is authentic.
This vest has two Warriors embroidered insignia
patches on the back – the stylized Warriors logo and winged-skull
symbols – which were created by costume designer Bobbie Mannix in 1979. Light brown synthetic leather vest with
black trim in a geometric pattern, lined in polyester and handwritten
in black ink near the maker’s label, “Cochese”. Worn by actor David Harris who played “Cochese”,
the soldier who dresses in Native American Indian accoutrements and
who successfully makes it back to Coney Island with his Warrior brothers. Only one other original Warriors vest is known to exists. This may be the only opportunity collectors may ever have to own an original wardrobe piece from this classic film. 

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