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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big Bad Wolf


THIS IS IT! THIS IS JUST for all you werewolf fansout there.  If the American Werewolf wasn't enough, we bring you this big, ferocious, violent beast. Based on another great werewolf film, "The Howling" (1981).   NEW FOR 2011!  This beautiful Fullsize Howling werewolf is based off of Eddie Quist (Robert Picardo) make-up or (wolf) as you may.
One thing for sure. The Howling certainly revolutionized the modern werewolf!
This is one beautiful Fullsize Wolf.  Dont let this guy get away. 
ALL PRICES on ALL figures and heads will go up in the Summer.. See "NOTE" in Red. This is your chance to own one.  Do to a demanding film schedule and other projects and new figures coming out this Spring figures are limited.  We have many new figures coming and new projects to deal with this year.
They dont come no better than this.  A pure piece of art at its finest!  This beautifull wolf has Glass eyes, resin teeth, REAL Yak fur Punched on its face, which is the most expensive fur you can get, and what is used in Hollywood on props for film work, esp Woves, and Apes! He comes apart in two for shipping and storage. Seemless. Steel amature inside for sturdy standing.  Punched face fur, glass eyes, resin teeth, trimmed and haired to perfection. Hes about a TOWERING 8 feet in Height. 3 feet in W, and about 2 feet or so in dept.  A Custom Base can be made for an addition charge. With claw marks, blood and a sign.  Made by a proffesional FX artist in California, that has done numerous film work, video work and collector bust and props for over 16 years in the business.  Nothing was spared on this beautifull figure.  He is a close as you can get to the real thing. This guy will be the talk of your house hold! Looks great in a Den, Movie Room, or "MAN CAVE".



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