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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Captain Action Vintage Cave Case Ideal 1967 Very Rare Playset


This is the second of two very rare Captain Action Cave sets that I acquired from a pair of brothers. This is a VERY rare set, as it was available for only a limited time through Montgomery Ward. This case is in a little bit lesser condition from the first one I sold here on Ruby Lane last month, so it is priced accordingly. Please see all the photos - it has some corner dings and a very tiny tear in the vinyl covering on the front. The black elastic string inside looks like it's been cut (see photo) and the plastic has pulled away from the screw on the back wall of the inside of the case. There is some black stuff inside (photographed) that looks as if something black melted there; probably an accessory or boot or something that was stored in the case. The edge flaps of the case don't fit flush along the side when it's closed - they have kind of warped out. The other case I had was exactly the same in the same places, so I guess this is really common. This is a VERY rare set; I was fortunate to acquire them as a pair, but have never had it before now. 


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