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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost In Space Laser Rifle

1960's Lost in Space Roto Jet Gun by Mattel & Space Productions Irwin Allen


* You are bidding for the 1966 LOST IN SPACE - ROTO-JET GUN as pictured above. This classic collectible is extremely rare, and HTF. It was produced by Mattel in 1966 for Space Productions.

The gun, and accessories are 100% all original with no no reproduction parts. I have carefully tested it because of its age. the disk will launch with the proper sound. Overall it is in good condition, and pieces fit together snugly.
The LIS sticker is excellent. It has no broken, cracked, or missing pieces. It only shows a very few tiny paint chips. It is complete except for the so called "whistle" which is nearly impossible to find. It also has the original instruction sheet that has a small tear.
I have observed this item on eBay for several years, and see parts, and non working pieces selling for quite substantial prices. Why not get the real deal that is tested, and basically complete?? 

So.....You want this bad boy don't you? 


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