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Monday, April 16, 2012

Friends to the end

SUPER RARE MY SHOP EXCLUSIVE Child's Play 2 Life Size Good Guy Doll MIB Chucky



About the item

This auction is for our shop "BANDIT" Exclusive Dream Rush
Child's Play Good Guy Life Size Doll.

Boss and the maker Dream Rush made only 3 dolls good guy wears "BANDIT" designed cloth in this world. You can see it on 2nd. picture.
Good guy dolls for sale wear "good guys" designed cloth.

This special doll is our shop BANDIT exclusive and was not sold.
BANDIT exclusive Good Guy was made for my boss's collection only!

This will be the last you can get this completely rare limited life size good guy doll.
Don't miss this chance!!

Condition is MINT but can't have responsibility for the quality inside.


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