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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hard One To Find ESPECIALLY In This Shape

MIB NEW Mego Elastic Plastic Man Plasticman Kenner Stretch Armstrong LOW RESERVE


Feast Your Eyes on the Incredibly Elusive Plastic Man – The Rarest Mego Stretch Figure EVER?
     Do I think finding this amazing Mego Stretch Plastic Man is like hitting the toy PowerBall?  Of course I do!  But don’t just take my word for it… read what the top Stretch Authority, Tony “The Stretch King,” says… “This freakishly and insanely rare Mego Elastic Plasticman Stretch Figure has become the most elusive of all the stretch figures.  Because of the Kenner-Mego lawsuit, which halted production, Mego produced the Plasticman in fewer quantities, which is why it’s so rare… Estimated Plasticmen in existence, 1 to 3.  Maybe?” (taken from stretcharmstrongworld.com)
     Just think – you now have the once in a lifetime opportunity (literally) to own what would be considered the “Crown Jewel” of any toy or stretch collection.  How exhilarating will it be to tell people – SHOW people – this amazing find!  No matter how rare they think their collection is, you’ll always be able to showcase something that’s even RARER!  You will be respected and admired in the collecting community, even envied.
     This is no time to wait and “see what happens”… the time to bid is NOW!  Considering several years ago the Mego Elastic Batman went for 5 figures, the reserve on Plastic Man is very low.  I can almost guarantee you won't see this on ebay again!  Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.  So, go ahead and place your bid. 
     CONDITION DETAILS:  As you can see, this figure is just breathtaking!  I have taken pictures from all angles so you can see truly how beautiful this specimen is.  The box and figure are amazing!  When you look at the figure and turn it every which way you see amazing color and newness.  I can’t guarantee it was never played with… but… if I were a betting man I would bet the farm that it has never been handled.  I only removed the figure from the box JUST to take these pictures.  Please look carefully at all the pics.  You’ll notice a tiny, mini hole near the neck, which frankly is a relief to find.  If it had been completely without any kind of blemish, it would make you wonder if it was truly genuine and authentic.  But this one is ABSOLUTELY, 100% GENUINE!  Other than what you see by the neck, there are no leaks, rips, pulls or holes.  The body is beautifully shaped and, of course, has hardened over the years.  (This is a sign that it was likely bought from the store, stored away somewhere and never moved).  Amazing!  You’ll also notice two pieces of tape taping the box to the top of the plastic coffin.  I believe that is how it came.  There’s a very small tear on left side of box.  Also, inside the box is the small instruction sheet for the Plastic Man figure.  Have you seen the box as well?  Unbelievable!  Look at all the sides… looks like it was never handled.   Not only is the figure and box in astounding condition, I doubt you ever see another one on ebay again.  Ever!  Do yourself a favor and snatch this baby up before someone else does!



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