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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's for lunch?

1954 Vintage Superman Lunchbox Rare Collectible with Bonus 1967 superman w therm

The most collectible sought after 1954 Superman vintage lunchbox. Surface scratches and rust is very minimal for a 60 year old lunchbox. Rate it a 7 out of 10 for front and back,  bottom and inside surface wear but little rust. See pictures for details. Very hard to come by people are hanging on to these. Buy it Now Price is $1000 less than others  listed without the Bonus 1967 Superman lunchbox with thermos and is less than one recently sold on ebay. Graphics are great bright & clean. Hate to see them go! 

1967 Superman lunchbox is a strong 8 out of ten for front and a 6-7 for back because of rim wear only, graphics on main surface are great on both sides. Thermos in great shape but no red top.

If you use Buy it Now You get bonus 1967 Superman Lunchbox with thermos and free shipping.
**** Note- Shipping will be $15.00 if "Buy It Now" is not used and will not include Bonus Lunchbox!!


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