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Thursday, April 26, 2012

To The Batcave!!!

Vintage 1974 Batman Mego Batcave in Original Box Minty Very Rare


1974 Original Mego Batcave With Box*

Up for grabs is this vintage Mego Batcave made in the year 1974 for the 8" Mego figures. This set is in "minty" condition meaning it's a close to new as you can get. The playset is exceptional. There are no rips,tears or damage anywhere. The box which is rare to see at all is in amazing condition with no damage and looks as it did on the shelf back in '74. The paper litho is bright, vivd and sharp. The set is complete minus the cheesey paper computer that came with it. Other wise it's all there. You won't see a nicer example unless you find one sealed and unused and good luck finding one.
 A great Mego piece to add to your collection. I'm staring the bidding fairly low with a reasonable reserve so bid freely and often and good luck !!  Now to the Batcave Robin!!!



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