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Friday, April 13, 2012

It starts with a good foundation


Here is a Mego 8" scale WAYNE FOUNDATION MINT IN BOX, Bruce Wayne's (Batman) 4 story high/ 40" tall headquarters with penthouse!  Wayne Foundation and box are complete and ALL ORIGINAL vintage 1974 Mego with the single exception being the instruction sheet, guaranteed.  All parts, accessories and panels are in pristine condition, showing no signs of playwear.  Furniture is complete with original decals neatly affixed.  Bat Elevator is completely intact with the original pull string and the plastic bat symbol to pull the elevator up and release it down.  All of the yellow and gray connectors/ pillars are included with no defects.  Floor panels are also in perfect shape and completely intact.  The illustrated wall panels are clean, all tabs are intact, vibrant color and the vintage graphics look amazing.  Finally, you get a nice reproduction copy of the original instructions.  Double sided just like the original copy. 

Original Mego box is solid with nice 90 degree panels.  All flaps intact.  Nice vintage color all around.  Corners have some minor wear and one of the upper back corners has a small 2" tear.  Bottom flap is still sealed closed, other end can be opened to remove the Wayne Foundation parts.  Vintage Montgomery Wards catalog sticker on one side of box and a name/ number written in marker on the back panel.  This rare box displays extremely well as seen in the pics.  Complete MINT IN BOX vintage Mego WAYNE FOUNDATIONS are getting very hard to find these days, especially this RARE high grade playset. A GREAT looking ORIGINAL Mego 40" TALL Batman playset here, you won't be disappointed.  The WAYNE FOUNDATION, MINT IN BOX!


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