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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heads Up

BATMAN 1966 TV Show WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE BUST PROP Remote Control Switch Replica!



 This is a brand new 1966 Batman Shakespeare Bust actual working replica.  It is an exact copy of the one from the Batman tv show which Batman and Robin used to open to sliding door to go down the bat poles.  This has never been used or displayed.  The switch lights up when turned and when plugged in to another item, it can turn on and off other items.  Works perfectly!  These are very rare and almost impossible to find.  The color difference you see in a few of the photo's is from the camera flash.  On the 4th photo, you can see a little white spot.  It is actually a little raised area from the casting.  It is about 1/8" and can easily be touched up with paint.  Please note that this is a heavy item and needs to be sent in a large box to accommodate appropriate packing.  Please also note that the insurance amount will be added at the end depending on the final selling price.  Thanks.


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