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Friday, March 23, 2012

I've got a bad feeling about this



Life Size Han Solo in Carbonite Star Wars Prop - Illusive Concepts 1997!
In 1997, Illusive Concepts issued this amazing replica of the Han Solo in Carbonite prop from Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi.  In order to create it, they got access to the Lucas Films warehouse.  It was cast in fiberglass and painted with multiple layers of paint to give it the depth of the original.  When I saw that these when they came out, I was one of the first to order it through Sharper Image.  There was a backlog initially, but I finally received #410.  They were supposed to make 2500 of these, but I think they got closer to 1000 than the full run.   I had heard that the ones that were later in the run lost some of the detail that the earlier ones had as the mold lost details as it got older (so it's better to get an earlier numbered one than a later numbered one). 
This one comes with its original Certificate of Authenticity paperwork - I haven't even opened the envelope it came in.  It weighs 60-70 lbs and measures approximately 6 1/2 feet high; 33" wide and 13" deep.
Mine has survived very well compared to others I have seen as it has been stored in my house for the last 15 years.  The two notable flaws I can find on the piece are 1) there is a small chip out of the bottom left circuitry module on the left side of the prop (see picture #5).  This wouldn't be as noticeable if you painted over it, but I didn't want to do that.  Additionally, there is some.  There is a stress crack in the paint near the right hand of Han Solo (see picture #3).  This type of flaw happened on most of the ones I have seen (usually it's more extreme).  This happened as the paint contracted after it had been painted onto the casting.  Again... not major defects, but I wanted to note them so there are no surprises. 
For this item, local pick-up is strongly encouraged!!!  The item is located in Bethesda, Maryland (just outside of Washington DC, zip code 20814).  If you're anywhere on the East Coast, it should be short road-trip.  Even from the Mid-West, it's not too bad of a drive!  You can rent a pick-up truck and put Han in the back!   With the warm Spring weather, it can be a pleasant drive!  Unfortunately, if you want to get the item shipped to you, I CANNOT RESEARCH SHIPPING RATES OR CAARRIERS on your behalf.  You must find shipping service that would be willing to crate and pick-up the piece from my house.  SORRY!
The last one of these that I saw on eBay sold for $3050.  I am starting mine a lot lower than that.  The ITEM MUST BE PICKED UP NO LATER THAN APRIL 15TH!  The reason I am selling this is because I am moving out of my place and cannot ship the piece to the West Coast.   It will need to be picked up no later than April 15th.  I will coordinate a mutually agreeable pick-up date with the winner. 
Good luck and give Han a good home!!!


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